Vision: Flamenco Works, Inc. aligns with the NEA’s mission that “art works.” It is inclusive of the strong metaphoric, literal and function-based meaning that, “art works.” To create art it takes work and art becomes a work. Through this vision we join the integrity of a national and global perspective on the amount of work and dedication that it takes to create art, uniquely Flamenco dance.

About Us/Mission: Founded by Flamenco moms: Joy Prieto, Deanna Tenorio, Evelyn Tinkerhoof and Patricia Morales with support from Jason Marks & Jesús Muñoz, “Flamenco Works, Inc.” is a co-op based conservatory model with a focus on advancing the children and youth of New Mexico in the art of Flamenco.

The focus of the model is to get youth ready to integrate into resident company, “Jesús Muñoz Flamenco,” and by a broader extension — integration into professional Flamenco companies globally. Both the dance company and educational components work independent of each other to create self-sustainable and focused ecosystem model. We build a bridge for successful educational incorporation of youth without compromising the integrity of a professional Flamenco touring dance company.

Our goal: To encourage children of all races, genders, ethnicities and backgrounds to pursue their dreams in Flamenco art. We support the growth and talent of dedicated young artists through hard work, consistency and persistence. We actively seek avenues for the children to thrive through performance as well as being audience members and active practitioners, working in the arts.