Company Roster 

Jesus Muñoz- Dancer/Choreographer, Director

José Vega Jurado- Guitarist, Composer
Guillermo Guillen- Guitarist, Composer,Director
Yosmel Montejo- Bass, Composer
Mariano Morales- Piano, Violin, Composer
Ismael Fernandez- Singer, Musical Direction

Ismael de la Rosa "El Bola"- Singer, Composition
Javier "Katumba"- Percussion, Musical Direction
Anna Colom- Singer, Composer
Ana Maria Polanco- Singer, Composer
Jose Cortes- Singer, Arrangement
Israel Katumba- Percussion, Arrangement

Marina Scannel- Dancer, Soloist
Joshua Vigil- Technical Direction
Sean Murphy- Stage and Management

About the Founder and Director, Jesús Muñoz.

Jesús Muñoz Born in McAllen, Texas, he began his training in New Mexico at the Conservatory of Flamenco Arts, dancing with Albuquerque’s, Yjastros.  He first tours as a McNair Scholar to UC Berkley, UNT Denton, UMBC Maryland explaining his work on “Flamenco as a language.” In 2007, at 25, he becomes the youngest and first non-Spanish choreographer with the internationally-renowned Maria Benitez Teatro Flamenco; and later tours with NYC’s Carlota Santana’s Vivo Flamenco with whom he co-writes a National Level curriculum along with 13 dancers, 2 Ph.D.’s out of Alvin Ailey Studios in Manhattan, NYC.  

In 2007, he creates his own company brand, Jesus Muñoz Flamenco in 2007, uniquely removing all adjectives.  The oddity noted by many, soon became an international phenomenon, now it has become fairly common.  Muñoz was co-founder of Albuquerque’s Latin Dance Festival 2010, in the same year he founded the non-profit Flamenco school, Casa Flamenca in Old Town Albuquerque. In 2010, Muñoz was invited to co-direct the Detroit-based, La Chispa and Company, and in 2013 he performed as a soloist for the NYC exhibit 100 years of Flamenco in New York City at Lincoln Center.  In 2013 he creates his first visual arts piece, “Synaesthesia,” creating works of art with techniques created through his Flamenco footwork.

Muñoz collaborated as choreographer for New Mexican literary legend, Rudolfo Anaya’s Rosalinda as well as creating six works for the National Hispanic Cultural Center, Red Note, 1929, Por Derecho, Techarí, Palladium Project and Íntimo.  Muñoz is one of few Flamenco choreographers to elaborate on primitive rhythms, as seen in his work 1929. 1929 was later published by the ministry of Dance and Culture in Madrid, Spain with works being used as educational references for creative development.  Muñoz has since directed and performed at L.A.’s Ford Theatre, Detroit Institute for the Arts, Jazz Cafe at Music Hall, Lensic Santa Fe, Denver Arvada Center, Cowles Center for Performing Arts, Nasher at Duke University, The Dakota Minneapolis and more. On February 27, 2018, “Flamenco Works, Inc.”  is co-founded by Muñoz and a group of hard-working mothers. The mission is dedicated to profound guidance of youth through sharing of personal experiences, guiding expression and relentless hard work. Lots of love goes into these kids. The vision is to share any and all of his resources with the community of Flamenco children in his neighborhood to help them get wherever they dream to be.  As Muñoz has had many opportunities and successes, this is his way of giving back and paying it forward. Muñoz, along with the Flamenco mom’s secured a 3,000 sq ft building for the purpose of enhancing the community landscape around them and to nurture the children into a bridge program where they will eventually become part of the company Jesús Muñoz Flamenco, while still encouraging them to create and supporting their artistic endeavors.

Jesus Muñoz Flamenco began as a small group with big dreams to pursue original work.  Though modest in size, the quality of the work has reached world-class stature and reputation with collaboration from prominent artists.  Recently, Muñoz has performed in respected dance and music venues from the Ford Theatre in Los Angeles to the Cowles Center for dance in Minneapolis as well as other respected venues: Detroit Symphony Orchestra Hall, Detroit Institute for the arts, Jazz Cafe at Music Hall, Arvada Amphitheatre, Alegrias in New York City and the Lensic in Santa Fe.  The company currently has an annual partnership with the National Hispanic Cultural Center in Albuquerque, NM reaching an estimated 3,000 people annually as well as national partnerships and collaborations from Los Angeles to New York City and Minneapolis to Dallas.

Jesus Muñoz Flamenco

is recognized for its dedication to preserving and innovating the improvisational philosophy and language of Flamenco dance and music.  Jesus Muñoz Flamenco is unique in its collaborative respect for Cante Flamenco and Baile por derecho (otherwise known as dancing straight-up), which are its foundation.


  • Tours and works Approximately 25 weeks a year.
  • Currently employs Grammy Award Winners, Gold and Platinum Artist(s).
  • Employs nearly (60)+ Flamenco Artists throughout the year.
  • Creates all original musical works and choreography.
  • In 2018, the company begins production of the first of six musical albums.
  • Performs for 5,000+ children and adults annually in Albuquerque and Santa Fe, NM.
  • Has been featured by the Ministry of Culture in Madrid, Spain.
  • Has been featured by prominent Spanish Dance Magazines in print and online.
  • Has 8,000+ followers on social media:  Facebook, Youtube, Twitter
  • Is presented by Flamenco Works, Inc. A  501 c(3) non-profit organization since 2018.
  • Is co-sponsored by the State of New Mexico and City of Albuquerque.
  • Is sponsored  the New Mexico Arts Council Folk Arts Master Grant
  • Is co-founder of an  New York City nationally-instituted Flamenco curriculum.

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